got all my ducks in a row and now i'm set to pick up the van on monday :) yeehaw


got the previa insured and transferred the title in my name yesterday! looking into replacing the wiper arms and blades for my first project on it. honestly just wish i could sit in that thing all day

some things i need to get from the junkyard this week:

for now the back of the van is just open and empty. i love hanging out in there


today i gave the van a good wipe down of the interior and vacuumed the carpet. probably going to install different flooring eventually- i'd rather have a waterproof linoleum or vinyl floor so it's easier to maintain, and just looks nicer. but for now at least there's less debris buried in the carpet! i also ordered a nice little solar powered fan to keep air circulating while i'm hangin out in the back. with the windows cracked and doors open, it's honestly incredibly comfy back there.


my AC stopped blowing cool air last week so over the weekend i gave it a little charge, and now i can at least drive and be comfy in there. also got a bed set up in the back!


dang this site is about the van, not me, but i'm just too damn tired.


spent yesterday morning in the van drinking my double shot over ice w oat milk and playing AC :) i really enjoyed myself and it reminded me not to judge myself when i just don't have it in me to work on the van for a week! or more.. anyway , i also still need to go to the junk yard for those parts but. i need to borrow some tools bc it's self-service. it's no huge rush, just things i'd like to get a start on. the next two months are gonna be kind of crazy though (moving + some vacation time), so i'm trying to be chill and set realistic expectations for what i can get done.

the bed that's in the back right now is a full-sized mattress. it, along with its frame, came with the van, so i went ahead and put it in just so i could use the van immediately (like for my little morning coffee and AC ritual). eventually though, i wanna put something closer to a twin or maybe slightly wider in there. i want the extra space on one or both sides of the bed to build in some cubbies for storage. i'll link some nice videos for mini-van layouts that have inspired me, and one of them is even done in a Previa!