rip eggvan. misc loose ends found here

the wires tucked in the back there are connected to the fans that are mounted in between the louvers. i used an angle grinder to cut the holes in the hatch door for airflow. my plan was eventually to get a pwm (pulse width modulator) so that when i hooked the fans up to the battery i could also adjust the speed, but the full speed that it was automatically on just hooked up to the battery wasn't loud anyway, so it's probably the only speed i would have used on that trip.

egg loaded up before the trip. i miss my little clubhouse fr

the first pic i took of the damage. standing on the shoulder in downtown atl waiting for the police to come. when i tried starting it, it shook really bad and smoked from under the hood. it's a midengine vehicle, so luckily no smoke was coming up right from under where i was sitting.